How it works

We want this site to act as a central calendar for equine shows in Southern Africa.

Our events will always be categorised according to the discipline and tagged with province

You can customise the event you want to view by choosing the province tags you want to view.


And the disciplines you want (via categories)



You can toggle these filters (categories/tags) on and off by clicking on them again.


Exporting your Calendar


Events can be exported to any system that supports the .ics standard. You can export any calendar view, meaning that if you have a view that only shows certain categories, the exported calendar will bring in only those events.

Exporting your  Event Calendar to Google Calendar

We have an “Add to Google” field which will export the Calendar feed to your Google calendar. When viewing a Calendar you wish to export, click Subscribe in Google Calendar at the bottom of the Calendar or click Add to Google in the widget. A browser window opens with your Google calendar, asking if you want to import the Calendar.


Exporting your  Event Calendar to other calendars

​When viewing your Calendar page or widget, click Subscribe at the bottom. This will download an ICS file to your computer. However, it is your computer settings which will determine exactly what will happen next. You might see a window asking you which program you want to use to open the file.

If you have a program associated with ICS files already (such as iCal), it will open when you
click Subscribe. It will present a list of options for importing the events. Follow the instructions for your program on how to fully import the events. For example:


How to get your .ics feed from your  Calendar (preferred as this will automatically import new events)

​Hover over the subscribe button and right click. Select “copy link address.” You can paste this link into your calendar where it asks for an .ics file.

That’s it really?

We welcome any feedback you may have – please comment below

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